Masahiro Samejima


Technology Areas
Practice Areas
Patent|Design|Trademark|Unfair Competition|Fashion|IT
【March 1985】
Graduated from the Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

【April 1985】
Joined Fujikura Electric Wire Corporation (currently: Fujikura Ltd.) – engaged in the development of materials for electric wires, and so forth

【November 1991】
Passed the patent attorney examination

【March 1992】
Joined IBM Japan Ltd. – engaged in the management of intellectual properties

【November 1996】
Passed the bar examination

【March 1997】
Resigned from IBM Japan Ltd. / In April, joined the Legal Training and Research Institute

【April 1999】
Registered with the Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association (51st) / Joined the Oba & Ozaki Law Office

【February 2000】
Joined the Matsuo Law Offices (currently, Legal Corporation Matsuo & Kosugi)

【July 2004】
Established the Uchida & Samejima Law Firm – to the present