Masayuki Maruyama


Technology Areas
Practice Areas
Patent|Design|Trademark|Copyright|Unfair Competition
【October 2006】
Passed the patent attorney examination

【March 2007】
Graduated from the Environment and Energy Program, Department of Systems Innovation, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

【April 2007】
Joined Katayama & Partners – engaged in patent authorization in Japan and overseas as a patent attorney

【February 2010】
Additional registration as a specific infringement lawsuit counsel

【April 2011】
Admitted to Toin Law School, Toin Gakuen

【July 2013】
Resigned from Katayama & Partners / August: Joined Kisaragi Associates – engaged in patent authorization and process attorney work, and so forth.

【March 2014】
Graduated from Toin Law School, Toin Gakuen

【September 2014】
Passed the bar examination

【November 2014】
Resigned from Kisaragi Associates / Joined the Legal Training and Research Institute

【December 2015】
Registered with the Tokyo Bar Association (68th)

【January 2016】
Joined the Uchida & Samejima Law Firm / Registered as a patent attorney